Getting Started


Syntax IQ is a data platform for secure communication, collaboration, and orchestration of AI Applications on data across teams and tools.
Syntax IQ is built to help businesses manage and control their data flows. More specifically, our platform helps you build data models that enrich existing data in any format you want.
There are four core tenets of the Syntax platform:
The Syntax Catalog is an organized inventory of data assets in your business. It uses AI to help you manage and transform data the way you want. The catalog consists of two core tenets: Concepts and Features


Syntax's Data enrichment refers to the process of our data models appending or enhancing collected data with relevant context obtained from first or third party sources.
Our observability layer continuously deliver insights into how your data model perform in production over time. The feature works by collecting data across our AI system, including input data, model predictions, and creating a feedback loop for your business. As the saying goes, “you can’t manage what you can’t measure.”
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